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K Wickenden stopped smoking and overcame fear of swimming under water

I just had to write to you to let you know how I am getting on after you hypnotised me to stop smoking. I am still a non smoker and will be a non smoker for the rest of my life. I don't know what you actually did to me but it seems that you have taken the whole equation out of my head that I ever smoked and you know full well that I smoked at least 40 cigarettes a day. Not only have I stopped smoking, I asked you to help me while I was hypnotised not to be frightened of swimming under water. I'm just letting you know that I now swim a width under water without any fear what so ever, so I thank-you for that and I would recommend you to any body that wishes to stop smoking. God bless you.

D Hogg overcame fear of writing and social eating

For as long as I can remember I have always had a fear of food and eating around the table in front of people. It got so bad that in times I would find reasons not to go out socialising with family and friends for dinner and at home I would eat by myself. Another big issue that I had was my confidence to read and write, this was a life long problem that I had been hiding through embarrassment. I went to speak with Diana Powley and she convinced me that she would be able to help.

After the first session Diana was able to identify the source of my problems and she began to work her magic in making the much-needed changes to my fear or food and eating in front of people, she also worked on my reading and writing confidence. I am extremely grateful for Diana's help, as I now enjoy eating at home with my family and look forward to those special occasions where we meet up with family and friends for dinner. But the biggest change that I've had since meeting with Diana is my confidence with my reading and writing as I have since published a book about Seated Exercise and Relaxation.

M Collins stoped drinking alcohol

You will be pleased to hear I have not touched a drop of alcohol since I saw you a month ago - it is just so odd that it hasn't occurred to me to have a drink and even when I have been in social situations (and there have been a lot recently!) I have only wanted water or cranberry juice... I feel so much better for not drinking - not sure if I have lost weight but I feel much fitter and thinner and very jolly most of the time!

I have been recommending you to loads of people - I am bit of an evangelist now!!!

PD, Henley overcame his fear of public speaking

When I left you after our session I knew I had changed. There was a new confidence about me, but from inside. I found that every time my mind wandered towards an old pathway my new thinking would steer me into my new reality - capable, confident, bold and fearless. This has stayed with me and it's beginning to feel permanent. So thank you for that. I wish I'd had the sense to do something about it sooner.

N Corall overcame her fear of flying

Having a wonderful time in Tunisia, weather is very hot, was a little nervous on the flight, but nowhere near as bad as I'd previously been. Thank you so much for all your help in removing my fear of flying.

D Cote overcame her fear of flying and travelling on the underground

I've been meaning to write to you for ages to let you know that, with your help, I had a fantastic holiday on La Gomera. I have been recommending you to lots of my clients so I think you may be getting some calls soon. Thank you so much again for my new-found freedom from my fear of flying and travelling on the underground.

G Guest stopped smoking, improved her relationship with food, drink and exercise, reduced her stress levels

When I first met Diana back in April 2005 I was smoking heavily, eating junk food, unhappily single and working extremely long hours. In short, my life was not under control, I was stressed-out, overworked and undervalued at work, I was tired, grumpy and low at home. I now understand that I was in a vicious spiral - I was unhappy at work but all my strategies to alleviate the stress (smoking, drinking and eating) were just making things worse. At the time, I simply knew that I was not in control of my own destiny, that I was unhappy with myself and my choices and that I was simply wasn't very happy.

I actually went to see Diana to talk about stopping smoking and although I arrived with some trepidation and a sceptical attitude, within a few days of not having had or wanted a cigarette, my mind was completely changed. I told myself that if I still felt convinced after a month I'd ask Diana to help me lose some weight (I had put on a stone and my clothes didn't fit well).

This latter decision was one of the best I have ever made. I have now lost that stone and am exercising regularly, eating healthily and feeling stronger and fitter. More importantly or perhaps as a part of the same thing I now feel in control, happy and sure of my own value. I left the job that was making me so unhappy and replaced it with one which has sensible hours and about 40% more money, and I now have a lovely boyfriend with whom I am very happy. All of this success was mine to achieve, it always was, I just never realised it until I met Diana.

J Furler stopped smoking and started exercising

Hi Diana thanks for taking the time to see how life's going without cigarettes, the answer is awesome. I've since joined a Thai boxing club and bought myself a pushbike that I ride to work and back every day. Thanks very much for your help; life is unbelievably better now "I'm a non-smoker and will be for the rest of my life".

D Close started eating vegetables

I'm going really well thank you. Everyone seems to be really impressed. I went home for the weekend and my mum was very surprised with my eating; I was having potatoes, carrots, green beans and I really like courgette. I have just bought some asparagus to try tonight, which I am really looking forward to. I am really happy that I am eating more foods, and I physically and mentally feel really good for it. Now I am just waiting for Sam's exams to be over so he can take me out to restaurants that don't involve the word pizza on the menu!
Thank you so much for all your help. You have helped me so much and I am really grateful for it. I am really proud of myself for being able to eat so much, and it has only been 4 weeks. These last two weeks I haven't slipped up at all; something new for lunch and dinner (or at least something new in terms of I never used to eat it). The one food I never thought I would eat was potatoes, and now I love them! Not very happy that they don't count towards your 5 a day, but they are very tasty. Still need to try them mashed though.
Thank you for all of your help. You have helped me change my life.

J Bridger stopped smoking

I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy and am now a non-smoker! Feel great and have not really thought about smoking.

Jessica November 2006

Everything is going really well. It's been about 2 months now and I have not once wanted a cigarette. Even when I am out drinking with friends who smoke I never get the urge for one. I went to visit my sister at the weekend and she was smoking in the pub and when I lived with her we used to go to the pub together and drink and smoke so I wondered if it would take me back and maybe feel a bit like one even if I didn't cave but I didn't want one at all! All in all it has been a complete success.

A Beadle overcame her fear of doctors and dentists

Just had hospital appointment. First since hypnosis. Didn't get stressed and quite relaxed. Thanks.

Lucinda, Dulwich, overcame irritable bowel syndrome

Thank you so much for the treatment on Monday. The most amazing effect so far, is that an ongoing stomach ache that I had been suffering from since early January has gone! Monday was the first day in weeks that I have not had the horrible pains I had been having. Thank you!

Ram has transformed his life

I am sure you are aware of how much pain I was going through when I first met you two months ago. It seems very much longer than that to me, but the days have been longer and the nights have been shorter, due to the difficult phase of my life at the moment. It really has been the worst period of my life to date, and I don't think I will ever face anything as hard as this again. My worst fears, my lost wife, my lost son, my lost life... Until I started thinking. Hang on, this must be a test. Yes, it's hard, but is it really a devastating period of my life or is it in fact, the best period of my life. Take away the obvious pain, what is actually occurring? I am improving in every way, and I am finally developing into the real me, whatever it is that I chose to do with my life. I am 30, and I am just starting my life. And if I can face the hardest period of my life head on and come out of it, a better man, strong and focused, what can I achieve?

Its incredible, the miracles that have been bestowed upon me through this rocky time. Meeting you is one of them. I know that you run it as a business, however, I also know that you are a very caring person, and for me that makes you stand out from the masses and what makes you a miracle worker. I have come to understand after meeting you and my readings, that we are all capable of being miracle workers to a certain degree, it just depends upon our capabilities and how in tune we are with our inner peace and spiritual side, and devoid of our ego nature. I must say that you are a brilliant person, and I want to follow in your footsteps in being a miracle worker, inevitably to a lesser degree perhaps, but the need to care for one another and support one another with the love that we can all give is a miracle in itself.

I am very grateful for the truly inspiring work that you have performed. It has changed my life completely. I will return this by doing the best I can for others whenever I can, simple things even like wishing someone a good day, even when I'm having a bloody awful one.

Diana, take care and I wish you all the success for the future, and I will no doubt keep in touch with you, as well as may be book an appointment if needed!

Sharon, Public Speaking

What delight it is to write this email! I WAS Nicole Kidman. I moved it up another level and I'm so happy to tell you that it couldn't have gone better. Not even a fleeting wobble! I slept well last night and woke this morning feeling perfectly calm. No fewer than seven people came up to me afterwards to congratulate me on my presentation. Thank you for all your help Diana. I will certainly refer you with confidence at every opportunity.

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