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Hypnotherapy sessions in London Bridge & Dulwich

So you're thinking of coming in to see me...

a session with Diana Powley

Prior to your session

Prior to your appointment I will send you a pack of information which includes

  • A letter confirming your appointment details
  • Some useful information to read prior to your appointment
  • A questionnaire to complete
  • A cd of my voice. Track 1 explains hypnosis; Track 2 has some facts about what you are coming in to see me about; and Track 3 is a self-hypnosis session for relaxation so that you can practise listening to my voice talking you down into relaxation.

The session

Sessions usually last about 1-1 1/2 hours during which time we will first talk about your habit, why you want to rid yourself of it now and how you would like your life to improve as a result. I will explain a little about how our minds work and answer any questions you may have before taking you down into relaxation and making the changes for you.

"I don't hypnotise you, I de-hypnotise you! Life has conditioned us into certain ways of behaving or thinking - I simply put you back into 'normal' mode again!"

"You are in control the whole time. You hear and remember everything I say. Contrary to popular belief, a hypnotherapist cannot control you or make you do things against your will - neither would we want to! You cannot be hypnotised unless you want to be."
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