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Hypnosis for Weight Management

...whether you want to put it on or take it off.

weight managementThere are three different types of eaters. These are:

  • Emotional eaters. They eat food because of emotions such as stress, frustration, worry, loneliness, boredom, pain, as a reward, as a punishment or perhaps to fill a relationship void.

  • Subconscious eater. They may eat a whole packet of biscuits, a tub of ice cream or a large bag of crisps or nuts whilst watching a film. They put food in their mouth without even being aware of it.

  • A Conditioned eater was programmed from early childhood to finish everything on their plate because of the people starving
in other countries. In the past some people had difficulty acquiring food so these parents made their children feel guilty if they left food over, perhaps even insisting that their children did not leave the dinner table until every piece of food on their plate was eaten. This type of eater now feels guilt if they leave any food over on their plate.

We will discuss your particular eating habits that you would like to change, replacing them with more beneficial habits in your life – for example, drinking more water, eating more fruit, salads and vegetables. Perhaps you would like to exercise more.

I shall be asking you lots of questions in the first session, including what your desired weight and size would be. We shall incorporate a visualisation of you having reached your desired size and weight in the hypnosis.

You can book a six session programme which will include a FREE litre of Aloe Vera drinking gel and a FREE copy of my cd, Slimmer, Healthier, Happier! Your investment in this programme is £475.

Alternatively you can come in on a session-only basis at £97 per session.
You can pay by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.
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