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Hypnosis for fears and phobias

Fears, phobias and irritating habits are actually very easy to work with and the majority of clients need only one or two sessions.

Over the years your mind has come to associate your specific situation (e.g. fear of flying) with certain feelings. In your case it might be fear, anxiety, nervousness, etc. Most of these are illogical; there is no need to try to work them out. It’s not a weakness on your behalf; it’s just a habit which can be removed.

To help you overcome your fear or phobia I typically use a combination of nlp, hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. We then set up a new good habit of you feeling calm, confident and relaxed in those particular situations. This gives the control back to you. In a very real sense we’ll be reversing your reactions so you actually start to enjoy or feel relaxed in the very situations that you used to fear.

Common fears that I help people overcome include:

  • Fear of cats
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of dentist
  • Fear of dogs
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of exams/tests
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of motorways
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of spiders
  • Fear of travelling on the underground

Hypnosis for panic attacks

A panic attack is a sudden rush of uncomfortable physical symptoms coupled with thoughts of impending doom (making a scene, heart attack, not being able to breathe). Although the first panic attack may take place in a distinct situation, further episodes are unpredictable as to time or place.

Let me help you overcome your panic attacks. You will learn how to handle your worries about symptoms and how to control the symptoms themselves. Then you will discover how to venture out into the situations that you once avoided and take back control of your life.

Panic attacks can often be cured in one session but sometimes may need two or three. I would use a combination of hypnotherapy, nlp and emotional freedom technique (eft).

The fee for the removal of fears and phobias is £97 per session. You can pay by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.
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