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Hypnotherapy for Natural Childbirth

natural childbirth

Helping you to relax and control pain, and bringing you a faster, easier and more enjoyable birth experience.

Throughout our lives we have been conditioned to the idea that childbirth is harrowing, painful experience. This needn’t be so. I can help you (and provide you with a practical CD) to effectively use self-hypnosis relaxation and pain control techniques. These techniques will make your big day a joy to experience and remember.

Hypnosis promotes feeling of calm and relaxation:
Physically and mentally relaxing, hypnosis will reduce your fear, pain, anxiety and nausea. It will also help you to control your own blood pressure.
Hypnosis reduces labour time:
Hypnosis reduces the need for pain-reducing drugs
Hypnosis reduces tearing:
With muscle relaxation and the lack of anxious pushing you will have reduced tearing - perhaps none at all.
Hypnosis delivers a calmer baby:
An easier birth means your baby will cry less and be calmer afterwards. It will also sleep and feed better.
Hypnosis delivers a calm, peaceful birthing experience:
With more control over your mind and body, you will fully experience and really enjoy the birth of your baby. You will be less exhausted, mentally and physically, and afterwards you will look and feel fit and well.
I will see you on four occasions, at intervals of a week to ten days:
The first meeting will usually take place at around 32 weeks. In this session I will make notes about your medical history, the progress of the pregnancy etc. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish and we will also get to know each other. There will be hypnosis for relaxation.

For the first session (only) you are asked to bring along the father or birthing partner -whoever will be with you on the big day. We will also discuss the role you want your birthing partner to play. At the end of the session I will give you an instructional CD for use in the following weeks, in order that you may become expert in using your newly learned skills.

In the second session we will deal firstly with any anxieties you may have - for example fear of the hospital environment or of needles and injections - and we will also explore the benefits of relaxation in dealing with problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure). In this session you will also learn self-induced anaesthesia techniques for the control of pain.

The third working session is the pre-birthing session and will be used firstly to ensure that all skills have been properly learned and secondly to instil a sense of wellbeing and positive anticipation of a happy and successful event. The CD contains hypnotic suggestions for maintaining a happy, relaxed, pain-free state as labour runs its course.

Your investment in the Hypnotherapy for Natural Childbirth 4-session Programme is £97 per session or £350 for 4 sessions.

I welcome contact from Health professionals and am always willing to make presentations and/or give demonstrations of my work.
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